Mobile App Development

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Mobile App Development

Opmen’s expert mobile app development agency is here to help you build your app

Did you know that more than half of UK business owners work via mobile apps for 90 minutes per day? Can you think of a way a mobile app could improve your business? Maybe an app to increase sales or improve your service to customers or what about an app to help you be more efficient and get rid of the manual paper ways?

At Opmen, we develop high-quality iOS and Android apps that do whatever you need them to do. We’re based in Leicester, but we can develop apps for your business regardless of your location.
We also pride ourselves on an open development process. At any stage, you’ll be able to get in touch and ask how the project is coming along and we’ll give you an update. Whether you want a quick check-in to see a demo, or you’d like to discuss adding new features that you think might be useful, we’ll be ready to work with you.

Our mobile app development team

Our development team is headed up by our founder, Kalpesh Modha who has over 20 years experience in coding, project development and management. Kalpesh works with a host of freelance specialists including coders, asset designers, graphic artists and project managers that will work with you to develop your app. While we can work with your developers when needed, having a team of experts on hand means we have all the skills and resources necessary to provide you with a high-quality finished app.
Ready to develop your app? Get in touch with Opmen’s mobile app development agency and we’ll create an app that transforms your business. Contact us on 0333 210 8022

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We regularly update the Opmen blog with all the information you need to know when approaching app development; from choosing the right operating system to develop on, to gaming apps and so much more.

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