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81% of the UK population own a smartphone with access to 2.2m iOS apps on the market. Could your business benefit from mobile app development? At Opmen, we’ve developed iPhone apps that increase businesses sales, improve the customer journey and helped businesses be more efficient by removing manual paper processes.

Many business owners think a mobile app is expensive and something that can be used on both iPhone and Android devices, yet both assumptions are myths. App development does not have to be expensive, depending on how complex and detailed you need the user interface and background information to be, your mobile app can be affordable. The mobile app market is split into two markets; iOS for Apple Store and Android for Google Play Store. You can get an app on both market places but they will be developed separately as they require different software.

We can help you decide which app software is best for your business based on the brief you provide for your mobile app development.

iOS app bug fixing

Have you had an iOS app developed that is not fit for purpose or needs bug fixing? 40% of customers are likely to abandon an app if there are issues so don’t delay, contact Opmen today to get your app in working order.

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