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How many times do you find the perfect app to only delete it from your phone or put it into that special folder – called – never use. My personal favourite is the app that I downloaded for walking on a 7-day trial which ended up with a subscription because I forgot to cancel it to the tune of £42.00 (suffice to say the nice people at Apple refunded this so no harm no foul).

The point here is that we are bombarded with apps some good, some bad and some downright ugly.  However, there will be some apps on your phone which have significantly improved your quality of life and how you communicate socially.  There are and will always be a market for apps that fill a genuine need for people.

If you run a business and are thinking of an app it has to start with the basic need that this app is going to fill.  Is it going to help your customers to engage with you more effectively, or is it going to help your staff feel more engaged and in-tune with the vision and direction of the business?

Any digital development project is always a problem-solving exercise.  It always starts ‘why’. From here the decision can be taken as to the media which is to be used or even if a digital solution is the right choice for the particular issue at hand.

We always sit down and talk about this important part of the development process with all out customers and the why is such a good grounding point to ensure that the app that you develop is a success because it has filled that desire in your customers or employees and will become a part of their daily / weekly life for many months and years to come.

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